Powertrax PT2310 Lock-Right locker For Dana 35 TTB (Non ABS)

The Powertrax Lock-Right ultra-strength alloy locker’s straight-line performance is equal to a solid spool, but automatically unlocks in turns. Best suited for extreme off-road to severe on-road use, Powertrax Lock Right lockers replace the spider gears in your open differential carrier using basic tools and without affecting your ring and pinion settings. The whole job can be done in your driveway in a couple of hours, pin included! Powertrax Grip-Lok, Lock-Right Lockers and No-Slip Traction Systems automatically provide 100% traction on-demand, under the toughest circumstances. The Powertrax Grip-Pro and Grip-LS performance limited slips offer smooth dependable torque transfer and traction for the best of both worlds!

This Lock Right Locker fits the 1990-1997 Dana 35 TTB without ABS brakes.

This locker has a 1.625″ Hub size where side gear fits inside of carrier case.

Dana 35; 27 Spline; 1.62″

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Weight 6 lbs