Eaton E-Locker For Dana 35 TTB 3.54-UP Ratios

Eaton electronic ELocker differentials offer you the best of both worlds. Imagine having the comfort and convenience of an open differential for around town, and the powerful traction of a full-on locker when it’s necessary. This is exactly what the Eaton ELockers provide. With the push of a dash-mounted button, you decide when the differential should be fully locked for maximum traction to both wheels, or free to differentiate for the best fuel mileage and tire tread life. Whether you’re running a 2WD or 4WD, open or locked, the Eaton ELockers put the driver in total control! Order the carrier designed for your axle model.

Fits 1990-1997 Ford Ranger Dana 35 TTB axles with 3.54 and up gear ratios.

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Weight 23 lbs