I have been modifying and off-roading Ford Rangers since I purchased my first Ranger in 1992.

In 1999, I created ‘The Ranger Station’ (www.therangerstation.com) as the Internet’s leading resource for off-road Ford Ranger and Bronco II enthusiasts. My goal was to share the modifications I had made to my Ranger and create a place for other enthusiasts to share information as well.

I began offering a few custom fabricated parts to enthusiasts in 2004. In 2005 I created ‘TRS Fab & Off-Road’ (trsfabandoffroad.com) and began selling parts online.

I created an account with a parts distributor so I could offer a wide range of products. At the end of 2010 I decided to change the name from ‘TRS Fab & Off-Road’ and use my primary business name of ‘James Oaks Enterprises’. Over the next few years, I saw a decrease in the aftermarket products that were available for Ford Ranger enthusiasts, and it became more difficult to compete with companies such as Amazon. Finally at the end of 2016, I shut the site down. I myself had found that I was purchasing truck products from Amazon as well. If fact, in 2019 I purchased (5) Cooper Discoverer STT PRO mud terrains from Amazon because they had the best price and I was able to make payments for 18-months without interest.

TRS Garage

In 2018 I contemplated re-opening my online business and prepare for the return of the 2019 Ford Ranger. Opening a new account with my distributor had become a challenge, and I wasn’t going to get the pricing I had before. I chose instead to create ‘TRS Adventure & Off-Road Products’ and run it as an Amazon store.

In 2022 I began modifying a building on my property into a garage / workshop, and in 2023 the idea of TRS Garage was born.

Why Shop Here:

You’re probably wondering why anyone would come here instead of just visiting amazon.com directly. I search for Ranger products and categorize them here so they’re easier to find. Sort of like a special ‘Ford Ranger’ section of Amazon.

When you take the time to look and find the product here, TRS receives a 4.5% commission. That’s right, even though you’re being directed to the Amazon site, and TRS has nothing to do with your order or the price, TRS earns a commission for referring you. So the next time you look for something on Amazon, please visit this site first. That way 4.5% of whatever you spent is going back into the Ford Ranger community, instead of the pockets of Amazon.

Am I Still a Dealer For Any Products?

Yes, I am still a dealer for Auxbeam, Xprite, and Nilight lights. The problem with Nilight is that I still can’t beat the Amazon prices unless I buy a bunch in bulk.

Prefer To Shop Directly At Amazon?

You could still help TRS earn a referral by simply using the banner below. TRS will receive a small percentage of what you spend, instead of it all going to Amazon.


Jim Oaks