MAXSA Escaper Buddy Traction Mat

Be ready for anything mother nature can throw at your vehicle with your new MAXSA Innovations Escaper Buddy heavy duty traction mats. Whether on paved roads or off-roading in your 4×4, these mats are designed with every nasty surface condition in mind. Whether it’s snow or ice getting you stuck or driving through mud on the farm or fishing or surfing on the beach, we will get you unstuck. Simply place these mats as far under your vehicle’s drive wheels as possible and the heavy duty construction and large surface area spreads the weight of your vehicle out. This will ensure you get out of the most dire of circumstances. Once the mats are in place, you only need to press lightly on your accelerator to get the vehicle moving again. The superior traction tread of the Escaper Buddy grabs onto your tires so they don’t slip and thus prevents your vehicle from digging into whatever ground condition is affecting you. In case of a non-traction related emergency, the Escaper Buddy’s high visibility day-glo orange color allows them to be used as an emergency signaling device to attract the attention of passing vehicles. Built for functionality, durability and storability, the low profile Escaper Buddy cleans up easily after each use and is designed to fit comfortably in most trunk spaces.

Never get stuck in the snow, sand or mud again!

The Escaper Buddy’s raised tracks give you the maximum traction to get out of any tough spot. Driving hazards like snow, ice, sand and mud are no match when you place these traction mats under the vehicle’s drive wheels. You get two: one for each front or rear wheel. Each huge traction mat is 49 x 14.5 inch. Press lightly on the accelerator and you’re going again. No towing and no pushing. Great for off-road.

Works with any vehicle! Store them in the trunk or on the roof of your vehicle and take them anywhere!


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