GearWrench 2467 4-Lug 4WD Spindle Nut Socket

The GearWrench 4-Wheel-Drive Spindle Nut Wrench will remove the spindle nuts on 4-wheel drive vehicles. The uniquely designed lug gives the wrench maximum strength. The Packaging and Branding may vary between GearWrench and KD tools due to a brand consolidation.

  • Use with 1/2 in. square drive tool
  • Will work on ford vehicles with ratcheting type lock nuts on front axle
  • Caution: do not use with power tools
  • Do not use with impact driver


4-Lug Socket for Removing and Installing 4-Slot Front Axle Locknuts on:

  • 1986-Newer F-Series 1/2-Ton Trucks, Full-Size Bronco with Dana 44 Axle
  • 1983-1997 Ford Ranger
  • Ford Bronco II