Rough Country 1-1.5-inch OD Tube Mount Adjustable Clamps For LED Lights (Pair)


When it comes to finding the perfect place to mount your lights, the sky is the limit with Rough Country’s Universal Adjustable LED Mounting Clamp Set. Attach any standard size LED light to a roll cage or other tubular area quickly and easily. These innovative mounts ship two to a set, giving you the perfect system for individual cube lights on either side or a 30-inch light bar that mounts to both. These mounts are adjustable to fit a range of different size mounting points and feature the ability to rotate a full 360-degrees allowing you to get the perfect angle for any attachment. Rough Country’s Universal Adjustable LED Mounting Clamp Set is perfect for creating unique mounting points on bumper bars, ATV’s, boats, and roof racks. All Rough Country Mounts feature a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee!

Rough Country’s Universal LED Light Adjustable 1-1.5-inch OD Tube Mounting Clamps (Pair) – 70170


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