Powertrax PT2311 Lock-Right locker For Dana 35 SLA

Powertrax® Lock-Right performance lockers’ straight-line performance is equal to a solid spool axle, yet they automatically unlock during turns. When extreme traction output and high-strength are required, racers, hot-rodders and muscle car owners chose Lock-Right lockers!

Best suited for extreme off-road to severe on-road use, Powertrax lockers replace the spider gears in your differential carrier without affecting your ring and pinion settings. The whole job can be done in your driveway with common hand tools in a couple of hours. A carrier is not included.

  • Brute Force Devices For Rugged Applications
  • Replacement Of Differential Case Not Required
  • Ring And Pinion Setup Not Altered
  • Installs Easily In Front/Rear Or Both
  • Proven In Most Demanding Applications


Powertrax states that this locker fits the 1998-2011 Ford Ranger 4×4 Dana 35 SLA front axle. HOWEVER, this locker should only be used in the 1998-2000 Ford Ranger with locking hubs, so that the locker can be unlocked on pavement.

Also, this locker can only be installed in open differentials, and not limited slips.

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Weight 5 lbs