MICTUNING HD+ 12 Gauge 600W Wiring Harness W/ Relay/Rocker Switch/Fuse

MICTUNING Ultra Heavy Duty Wiring Harness – Upgrade Now, to Protect Your Future Fast Drive!

MICTUNING 2-lead HD+ series harness utilizes copper 12-Gauge wires and weatherproof spade connectors for up to 600W high-power led lights connections. The whole harness is almost wrapped by a very heavy vinyl cover, with a waterproof inline fuse and reliable 60amp relay, well protecting the circuit against voltage spikes, heats and even burnouts.It compatible with all automobiles,Boats and devices equipped with a 10-30v power source.

Meanwhile, MICTUNING freely provides 3 pieces of different ampere fuses, allowing you to choose the desired fuse to ensure security of your expensive led lights/work lights. It also offers about 10ft super long wire to run from your LED on the bumper, to the battery and back to the center of the dash, very convenient for your flexible mounting.

Quick & Easy Install

1. Make a connection from the harness kit to the led light fixtures first (Red to Red, Black to Black).
2. Connect the illuminated On/Off rocker switch according to the wiring diagram.
3. Then make a connection from the harness ring-terminals to the battery (Red to positive pole and Black to negative pole).
4. Turn on or off the rocker switch to test the LED light bars.


– Professional installation of this HD+ series wiring harness is highly recommended!
– All the exposed wires needed to be wrapped by electrical tape to avoid a short circuit.
– Please make sure that the total power of dual light fixtures is not exceed 600W, or it would get melt.

Package Included:

1 x HD+ Wiring Harness
1 x On/Off Switch
4 x Spade Connectors
3 x Spare Fuses
1 x User Manual


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