2019-2020 Ford Ranger 3-1/2″ Fabtech Lift W/Dirt Logic Shocks
2019-2020 Ford Ranger 3-1/2″ Fabtech Lift W/Dirt Logic Shocks
This quality 2019 Ford Ranger Upper Control Arm system is perfect for owners looking to increase ride height to run slightly larger tires than factory. The system will provide additional wheel travel with no suspension bind at full droop. Lift is accomplished with steel spacers that utilize the factory Coilover shocks for a stock like ride. Fabtech’s Upper Control Arms address the geometry of the front suspension with the new ride height for proper align ability. Heavy duty ball joints allow for extended suspension travel to eliminate binding. The system has been designed for proper CV axle angle and plunge thus eliminating the need to reposition the front differential. Included in this system is Fabtech’s Offset Intrusion Beam Kit that allows use of 33" tires. The factory Intrusion Beams are located in the front fenderwells, forward and back of the tire. They limit the size of the tire you can install while being an integral part of the front collision safety impact feature of the vehicle. Rather than modifying or removing the Beams for tire clearance, Fabtech provides replacement Offset Intrusion Beams. They are constructed of 1/4" thick steel and are a welded box design for maximum strength. They allow full steer with 33/1250R tires w/ a 5" back space wheel. Rear lift comes from 1.5" blocks and u-bolts.


  • Value priced system with Fabtech quality
  • Increased ground clearance for offroad
  • Tubular UCA design with urethane bushings for quiet ride
  • Extended range upper ball joints allow for increased travel
  • Offset Intrusion Beams for full steer tire clearance
  • Easy bolt on installation

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